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  • This procedure is to install the Z-limit switch on a fully assembled Gigabot.

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  • Remove leveling block on the back left side of the bed, by removing two M5x12 screws that attach to the left bed side plate.

  • Detach the leveling block from the bed side plate with the entire assembly intact (see photo). Set aside leveling block assembly.

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  • Replace the existing leveling block with the supplied Limit Switch Leveling Block (L-shaped version.

  • Ensure new assembly looks like photo.

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  • Install the M5x45 screw (lightly tighten).

  • Install the M5x12 screws as shown. Tighten.

  • Ensure the M5x45 is straight, then tighten against the bed rail.

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  • Place M5x45 screw into outer side of Limit Switch Leveling Block.

  • Ensure screw head is inserted from bottom, and nut is below leveling block.

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  • Install the Z-limit switch by placing the two M2 screws (from the outside) through the side plate, white spacer, limit switch, lock washers and nuts provided.

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  • Install small length of shallow panduit to bed side plate.

  • Connect the red wire to the middle of the limit switch.

  • Connect the black wire to the pivot end of the limit switch.

    • Note: Polarity of wiring does not matter for limit switches. The normally open circuit is closed when contact is made.

  • Route wiring through installed panduit, existing panduit, and through an open grommet in the electrical box.

  • Connect red and black wires to the Z-max connectors on the Azteeg (red in middle of 3, and black on far right), as shown.

    • Note: Viki cables are not connected in photo. There is no need to disconnect Viki cables in this procedure.

  • Close electrical box and panduit.

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  • (see wiki steps - Patrick to add?)

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  • Screw in M5x45 to its upmost position.

  • Use existing bed leveling procedure to bring bed to just above Z-motors.

  • Command Z-motors approximately 5mm up above Z motors.

  • Unscrew M5x45 so that it contacts and trips limit switch.

  • Home Z axis as per leveling procedure.

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